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Major Announcement: Plan for Real Change

Posted on June 16, 2015

For immediate release

The Liberal Party has announced ¬†sweeping changes to Parliament and the Voting System. “In all my years in Parliament, I have never seen such a massive progressive modernization change plan for Parliament.” said former MP and Yukon’s Liberal Candidate Larry Bagnell.

The plan includes the following reforms:

1. Liberal MP’s will have free votes on most votes.

2. Cabinet of equal numbers of men and women. In Government appointments, ensure more First Nations’ peoples are reflected in positions of leadership.

3. This will be the last federal election by the first past the post system.

4. An independent Advertising Commissioner to Ban all this partisan Government advertising with your taxes.

5. Create a Prime Minister’s Question Period where he takes questions from MP’s.

6. Speaker will control decorum and relevance in question period.

7. Independent non partisan process for choosing Supreme Court Justices and Senators.

8. All Party National Security Committee to oversee Security Agencies.

9. End abuse of Omnibus Bills and Prorogation.

10. Independence and proper funding for Government watchdogs like Elections Canada, Budget and Privacy Commissioners etc.

11. Scrap Citizen Voting Act and the anti democratic elements of the Fair Elections Act and give the Chief Electoral Officer the power and resources to investigate voter fraud and suppression and un muzzle them. Restore independence of the Commissioner of Canada Elections so they are freely able to prosecute election violations.

12. Prepare Youth to Vote and facilitate their voting. A Youth Advisory Council, to provide non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister, will be created comprised of youth from 16-24

13. Pro actively register voters that historically have low voter turnout.

14. Un muzzle scientists. Enlist the help of a new Chief Science Officer.

15. Restore Long Form Census.

16. Fact base decision making.

17. Making Revenue Canada more client friendly. Contacting Canadians who are entitled to and not receiving benefits and offering to do forms for low or fixed income Canadians. Stop CRA political harassment of charities.

18. Save home mail delivery.

“I am very excited about this sweeping electoral reform Platform, because so many Yukoners have asked me for the various bold elements of this Plan ” said Bagnell.

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Larry Bagnell
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Liberal Party of Canada - Yukon